So Here We Go Again

This is a design you’ve probably seen from me before but it’s one that I wear all the time because it’s so simple and elegant, yet it always gets so may ‘Ooooh’s from people! You may know that Cult Nails… View Post

Day 21: Inspired by a Colour

Today’s criteria is a bit of an odd one. I couldn’t decide if it meant inspired by an actual colour or inspired by a shade name or even something else completely that I didn’t pick up on! In the end… View Post

Nautical But Nice

I hit the shops with my mum on the weekend and it seems that nautical is in again this summer which I’m very pleased to see. I love all the colours and patterns associated with the sailor style. Nearly everything… View Post

Models Own Purple Grey

I won a giveaway at Forever The Ugly Duckling last week and here is one of the polishes from the beautiful selection. It’s a bit tricky to see the design but I promise it’s there! Plate: Bundle Monster – BM08 Base Colour: Models… View Post