Do you make tutorials?

Yes! But not for every single look, just the ones I think are special. You can check the tutorial page here.

I also have a YouTube channel where I make the occasional video tutorial.

How do you do the gradient nails?

Tutorial here
Are those your real nails?

Do you do the designs on both hands?
Not always no. Since I need to do a new design almost every day in order to keep this blog running, it doesn’t make much sense for me to spend a lot of time painting the hand that’s not going to be seen only to remove my hard work less than 24 hours later.
That’s not to say I can’t paint the other hand. Please see here, here and here for proof!

Where did you get…?
If you are curious about where I got a certain nail art
item, please read the post in full and check for links in the post which will
be a different colour to the rest of the text. I always list what I’ve used
and, most of the time, leave a link to where you can buy it.
Here are some of the most common ones people are curious
Bundle Monster plates? Amazon.com
Hex Glitter (Glequins)? bornprettystore.com
Studs? bornprettystore.com

What camera do you use?
As of August 2013 all pictures are taken with a Canon 60D with 18-55mm lens.

What lighting do you use?
I use a desk lamp with a fluorescent bulb.

Please see this post for more in-depth information about my photographs.

How do you watermark your pictures?
I use Adobe Photoshop to create the curved watermarks on my images. Here is a good tutorial.

How do you take care of your nails?
Please see my ‘Nail Care Favourites‘ post.

What top coat do you use?
It will normally say in the post which top coat I’ve used. My current favourite is Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

Where do you get the blank nail sets?
For the sets you can wear, search eBay for ‘European Short Nails’.
I get my nail wheels from Buy In Coins.

What stamping plates do you recommend?
What Stamper do you use?

It’s a genuine Konad stamper and I got it on eBay years ago.