6 Nail Shades to Wear for Christmas (That Aren’t Gold!)

What’s Christmas without a fresh manicure?! Generally speaking, Gold has gone way out of style this year in favour of other metallic shades so I wanted to offer up a few alternative ideas for Christmas nail colours. Nothing too extreme – we’re just gonna keep it classy and mix in some glitter. And if you’re the nail art type, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where I post all of my Christmas nail art!

Morgan Taylor Ice Queen Anyone? Swatch
Morgan Taylor Ice Queen Anyone?

Morgan Taylor: Ice Queen Anyone?

2016 was the year of copper. It was copper all day, all the time, everywhere and our favourite nail brands are finally catching up and creating polishes in the metallic hue of the moment. Ice Queen Anyone? is a very saturated, warm copper shade that’s perfect with two coats.
Louella Belle

Kiko Special Effects Matte Red
Kiko Special Effects Nail Lacquer Kit - Red and Matte Topcoat

Kiko: Special Effects (Matte) Red

I got the Special Effects Nail Lacquer Kit through the post and at first glance the shades all seem a bit bland and ‘done’ but when you use the special effect topcoats, you can see why those shades are in the set. Each effect works really well on every shade to create a new look. Red is, of course, associated with Christmas so it’s hardly groundbreaking to tell you it’s one for the big day – but guys… this one’s matte! And nobody will be expecting that!
At the moment, the set is only £12 if you’re looking for a last minute gift (get it here).

Models Own Showbiz Swatch
Models Own Glitterball Showbiz Swatch

Models Own: Showbiz

I couldn’t do a Christmas roundup without a bit of holo glitter. The glitterball collection from Models Own has 5 shades so there’s something for everyone and my personal pick is Showbiz – holo chunks in a black/grey jelly base. They look better in motion from a distance because they are SO SPARKLY! See the holo in action in my video swatch. 2 coats, btw. JUST TWO!
Available from Models Own for £4.99

New Look Nail Polish Petrol
New Look Nail Polish Petrol Swatch

New Look: Petrol

Whenever I see an interesting polish in a store, I have to pick it up because it’s just so rare to find anything holo/duochrome etc. and of course I get overexcited! This was was spotted in New Look a few weeks ago and couldn’t be more perfect for Christmas. It’s a flaky duochrome that shifts from bronze to gold with a bit of green filling the gaps. This is three coats and as you can see, it still needs a few dabs on the tips but overall, a very special polish!
Grab it in store at New Look

piCture pOlish Lakodom
piCture pOlish Lakodom Swatch

piCture pOlish: Lakodom

Lakodom is never, ever not going to be in my Christmas roundup. It’s still the most wearable white ever. Perfectly milky off-white, with those teeny holo flakes and two coat application. I just love it!
Get it at piCture pOlish or from one of their international stockists

Maybelline Rose Chic
Maybelline Rose Chic Nail Polish Swatch

Maybelline: Rose Chic

Hey, I said no Gold. Rose Gold… totally different. This textured rose gold glitter from Maybelline can be worn as is or with a few layers of top coat for a smooth, shiny finish. I used two coats for full coverage and I’d always recommend using a peel off base coat with a gliter packed polish like this one.
Get it from Boots for £3.99