More Marble Nails and a Dreamy Copper Nail Polish


I can never make a trip to Primark without taking a gander at the beauty section. It’s always full of stuff I want but never really need. On trips past, I’ve come away with 3 sets of tweezers (the patterns were pretty), mini beauty blenders (because omg how cute but they’re sooo hard to use because they’re literally titch) and a false eyelash applicator (which I knew would be more of a hindrance than a help, but why not because lol). 

I was in there a few weeks ago and normally I make a lacklustre sweep past the nail polish because I’ve grown not to expect anything past the classic cremes. But this time something caught my eye. I spotted a little selection of metallic bottles and quickly bopped over to take a closer look. The one I honed in on was the copper – I have a few copper shades already but one can never really have enough chromes if one is a fan of stamping. And this one is amazing! It’s so pigmented you only need one coat, which of course makes it perfect for a bit of stamping. I picked it up for about £2 and have been enjoying it ever since.

PS… is Primark’s own brand and you can’t get it anywhere online (I checked). So keep your eyes open next time you’re in Primark.

So, onto the nail art. What do bloggers love more than a bit of marble and copper? Absolutely nothing!

I used L’Oreal Blanc De Lune for my base. Next I created the marble effect with a stamper, adding in Barry M Black Forest and Morgan Taylor Oh, Para-chute!. See the video below for a tutorial on the marble effect.

The copper is PS Gravity from Primark and I used V Cut vinyls from Angel Nail Studio to get the perfectly pointy triangles.

It’s all topped off with Seche Vite top coat

PS Copper Nail Polish

Marble and Copper Nail Art



Marble Copper Nails

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  • So pretty!

  • I love this design! Still intend on doing the stamping marble with your tutorial.))

  • Oh I know the feel. I remember being tempted by the very same polish, but I resisted the temptation (I’m low on money and also I already have a copper). But do you know what I couldn’t resist and has been a surprisingly good discovery? The PS tinted lipbalms. I only have the strawberry one but now I wish I had more of them.

  • This is so incredibly beautiful! Love the combination of marble and copper and I really have to give the technique a try!

    Thank you for being such an inspiration! :*

  • tina

    great manicure

  • That is such a fab idea! I’ve never been able to master stamping but to be honest you don’t need to be a stamping champ to be able to do this. I might have to give it a go (although I think I need a new stamper as I’m not convinced mine is a great one!)

  • Anny Wilson

    so great design

  • Anny Wilson

    Interesting color and marble design. I

  • Karin van Rensburg

    Hi there! i love your nail art!! i need advice please? i bought a nail stamper kit with the little plate… hell, i have been struggling for a long time on how to get the stamp on my nail. heres the thing, my nail polish seems to dry before i get it onto my nail. do you have any advice on the stamper set for me please? i have such gorgeous little flowers on the plate that i would want to use. thanks!!