18 Halloween Nail Art Ideas: 2016 Edition


Safe to say, it’s become quite the tradition for me to create a wheel of Halloween nail art ideas this time every year (you can see last year’s here and the year before here). This year, I still included a few of my favourites like ‘Scene of the Crime’ and ‘Broken Glass’ but there’s plenty of new material to keep you going.

Before we start, just a quick to a shout out to the Dance 20 Detail Brush for the freehand work and Barry M Black Forest for all things black. So, let’s get on to the good stuff…


Meet Me at Night
Create a sunset gradient (with Morgan Taylor Perfect Landing, Barry M Oasis) and use Whats Up Nails Graveyard Stencils to paint on the graveyard silhouette with black polish.

Stud The Front Door
Lay down two coats of a black polish like Barry M Black Forest and quickly add the Born Pretty Gold 0.8mm studs in a uniform pattern. Add two top coats to make the studs stay put!

Scene of the Crime
This one’s really easy and doesnt need any tools at all. I used piCture pOlish LakoDom as my base coat, then dipped my finger in Rimmel Mars and printed it on to the nail.



I’m a Little Caught Up
Start with a silver base coat like Barry M Silver Lining, add a fast drying top coat and wait for it to dry.
Apply Whats Up Nails Spider Web Stencil and paint Barry M Black Forest over the top. Quickly remove the vinyl while the black is still wet and add another top coat when it’s dry.

Mix n Match
Easy peasy – white base coat with Whats Up Nails All Things Scary Water Decals.

Needing Stitches
Paint on a base colour that matches your skin tone (I used Barry M Lychee).
Use a nail art brush to paint on some thick red lines with a red like Rimmel Mars.
Finally use Black Acrylic Paint to paint on the stitches.


Simple Halloween Nails

Halloween Glitter
Sometimes you just want something easy and noone will judge you for choosing an all out glitterfest. This is piCture pOlish’s now retired shade, Lollipop.
For ultimate ease, use a peel off base coat for easy removal the morning after.

The Itch
The base here is Morgan Taylor Rule the Runway. To get the scratchy, streaky effect, take a darker shade and wipe the brush on a tissue (or other cleanable surface) until it’s almost dry, then lightly swipe it up and down your nails. The Tarantula Charm is from Hex Nail Design.

Glitter Placement
Now this one’s quite time consuming and fiddly – I’d probably only do this as an accent nail. I used Morgan Taylor Oh, Para-chute! as my base colour, then applied the orange, purple and black pieces from the Born Pretty Round Glitter set.


Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Bloody Cuticles
I freehanded this design over a nude shade. I started with the drips in Rimmel Mars, then I mixed it with a bit of white and used used  L’Oreal Rubis Folies to highlight & contour the drips for a 3D effect.
If you’re not confident freehanding, you can buy drip vinyls/stencils here.

Sugary Skull
If you’re a stamping aficionado, the options are endless. Here I used Bundle Monster Stamping Plate BM-413 from the CYO 2013 Set over A-England Dorian Grey.
You should check out MoYou’s Gothic collection and their Halloween Festive plates. Bundle Monster also has a whole collection of Halloween plates for $14.99!

Broken Glass
Pick up some Angel Paper from eBay to create the broken glass effect. I used the green one over Morgan Taylor Rule The Runway for a Halloween combo.


Halloween Nail Art

All that Glitters is Bronze
I used a coppery-bronze base and applied a whole bunch of Bronze Rhinestones (similar here)

Use a white base coat and freehand on some random bandages. Black out a portion and draw on some eyes with one big white dot and a smaller black one inside. For extra LOLs, get yourself some 3mm Googly Eyes on eBay!

Glam Gradient
Take a step away from girly glittery gradients and use a more sinister colour combo. Here, I’ve used Barry M Black Forest with Sally Hansen Be-Jeweled.


Pumpkin Halloween Nails

Toxic Waste
I freehanded this design using a nail art brush with Sally Hansen Mint Tea (base) & Grass Slipper (drips). You can also buy drip vinyls/stencils to make it super easy.

Happy Pumpkin
The Pumpkin Face Stickers from She Sells Seashells are insanely affordable – you get just enough for 10 fingers so it’s worth doubling up to allow for some mistakes. I used Barry M Black Forest over China Glaze Peachy Keen.

Streaky Corn
I’ve never eaten Candy Corn as it’s still not a thing in the UK, but I’m sure it will make its way over soon. For this nail art, I started with the white base coat, then spent a bit of time going side to side with a little nail art brush in streaks with the orange, yellow and white shades to blend them all together

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