Apply Glitter Nail Polish Evenly Every Time with The Glitter Trick


Glitter polish is pretty as heck but it comes with its own very unique set of downsides which, depending on your commitment to the glitter cause, can often outweigh its prettiness. We’ve already solved the dilemma of removing it which was once the main deterrent. The market is flooded with peel off base coats, and you can even make your own. Failing that, there’s always the foil removal method but nobody bothers with that anymore… just get yourself a peel off base coat!

So removal is easy peasy, but what about applying it in the first place? It’s a bit hit and miss isn’t it?

Sometimes you just find the perfect glitter that applies evenly on the first try, but when it’s bad it’s really bad! The most common issues I run into are:

  1. There seems to be too much clear base and not enough glitter. The pieces are very sparse so you have to apply multiple layers to get enough glitter on your nail. And you end up with a whole polish mountain situation going on.
  2. The ratio of glitter to clear is kind of okay but as you paint it on, you actually end up painting it off. Like literally dragging the pieces of glitter off the end of your nail. I know you’ve been there, girl.
  3. And you know what? Sometimes I just want MORE glitter with minimal effort. Is that too much to ask?!?

Well fear not, THE GLITTER TRICK IS HERE. All you need is your favourite glitter polish, a makeup sponge, and something to protect the skin around your nails (try scotch tape or liquid latex).

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