Freebies: Macro Glitter Nail Polish Wallpapers


Is it obvious that I’m neck deep in a glitter obsession at the moment? Having recently sorted through and downsized my stash, I’ve re-discovered a lot of polishes that I kind of forget I owned. One entire drawer in my Helmer is devoted to glitter polishes and there’s even a display case for the extra special ones. But I must admit, I hardly ever make an effort to rifle through and find something to wear.

I’ll probably go back to my usual glitter-neglecting self soon enough, so I took this chance to immortalise a few of them as wallpapers. These are already on my computer, phone and work computer and figured you guys might like them too!

I tried to get a variety of colours and styles in the mix here but there seems to be a LOT of hexagonal glitter! Some are glitter in clear polish on coloured paper – so they have a super 3D look and the others are glitters in creme so you get more of a smooth finish. My favourites have to be Rubberman and Bonjour.

Download your favourites by clicking on the link underneath to get the high resolution version. Don’t worry, the full-sized images won’t have the box/text on them – just 100% glorious glitter.

Let me know if you like these and I’ll keep them coming!

Revlon Girly Nail Polish WallpaperDownload ‘Revlon – Girly’ Wallpaper

Claires Bonjour Glitter WallpaperDownload ‘Claires – Bonjour’ Wallpaper

Delush Polish Rubberman WallpaperDownload ‘Delush Polish – Rubberman’ Wallpaper

OPI Snow Globetrotter WallpaperDownload ‘OPI – Snow Globetrotter’ Wallpaper

Technic Ice Cream Ella WallpaperDownload ‘Technic – Ice Cream Ella’ Wallpaper

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  • I’m so in love with the idea!!!
    Rubberman is already on my desktop.)))

  • Vinushka

    Such a great idea !
    Immediatly downloaded it, fliped it and used it as walpaper for my iphone !!

  • These all look amazing!

  • robin bullard