Glass Shatter Nail Art with OPI Disney Alice Through The Looking Glass


With the release of Alice Through the Looking Glass, OPI are back with their second collection inspired by Alice and friends (the first one was released in early 2010!). This collection doubles as their Brights 2016 collection. I’m coming at you today with some nail art that I hope will make up for the lack of full swatches of all 8 core shades.

For The Nail Art

I used I’m Gown For Anything as the light purple base for the glass shatter nails. I got the angel paper on eBay and to create this effect, I chopped up a small piece of the sheet in to tiny shards beforehand using a cuticle nipper. When I painted on the second coat of colour, I waited for it to dry to a tacky finish and attached the pieces using a toothpick dipped in clear polish (to make the end tacky).

I finished it up with two coats of Seche Vite to seal it all in and it lasted almost two days before I started picking it off. Don’t go thinking you need to seal this with gel polish – as long as you stick the corners down properly and use a good top coat, it will last almost for as long as you can resist picking at it! I did get a couple of air bubbles around the edges which is a shame, but I haven’t found a way to avoid them yet.

The ruffian-esque nails feature a base of Oh My Majesty! which is a white with gold shimmer. I outlined the nails using Fearlessy Alice, which is one of my favourites from the collection, and added some of my favourite teeny tiny studs in gold.



From left to right, the shades are:
Fearlessly Alice (turqoise blue)
The I’s Have ItI’m Gown For Anything! (pastel powder blue)
What’s The Hatter With You (lilac)
Mad For Madness Sake (berry purple)
Having a Big Head Day (hot pink)
Oh My Majesty! (classic red)
A Mirror Escape (metallic gold with matte white glitter)

Love It

Mad For Madness Sake – this is a really rich berry shade and the darkest of the bunch so it was inevitably going to be my favourite!
Fearlessly Alice – I just can’t resist a turquoise blue. It won’t stain your nails but it will stain your skin so when removing, try to avoid making a mess.
Protip: Soak a cotton pad on your nail for 10-20 seconds and drag the polish towards the tip to remove the bulk of it.

Leave It

A Mirror Escape – It looks pretty in the bottle but the white glitter leaves a bump finish. Also I’m just not a fan of foily metallic shades.
Having a Big Head Day – Because who needs another red polish? I dream of a day when OPI releases a collection that features absolutely not a single red!