Rose Quartz Nail Art


I’m not sure which came first on this one… was the rose quartz hue inspired by the marble tutorial, or did I decide I needed some rose quartz nails and hop to that marble technique? I guess if I don’t know now, we never will! It’s quite a subtle effect. Like, REALLY subtle! I think next time, I’ll mix a bit of fuschia in with the ‘lines’ to give it a bit of a ‘pop’.rose-quartz-nail-art-tn

I found that the key to this look is to use a jelly like polish and layer up the stamping a few times on each nail to give it depth and make it look like the imperfections are buried just under the surface.

Rose Quartz Nail Art

1. I started out with a base of Barry M Pink Lemonade which is an opaque creme polish (btw that stock photo is wildly inaccurate, see my photo below!) to make sure my nails were completely covered.

2. To create the marble effect I used a stamper with L’Oreal Nude Demoiselle as the ‘main’ colour, then Barry M Cotton  and Nails Inc Hyde Park Place to create the pattern. The L’Oreal polish is the jelly like one but any soft pink jelly will work! Repeat this step a few times on each nail. Watch the video below to see exactly how it’s done.

3. Finally, it’s finished with a coat of Seche Vite Top Coat just to smooth everything over.