OPI New Orleans Collection | Video Swatches

OPI New Orleans Collection Swatches

OPI’s Spring/Summer 2016 offering, the New Orleans Collection, has been on shelves for a little while now and the polishes have been sat in a box at home for a while waiting for me to swatch them. I fixed my ring light this weekend which really put me in the mood to film something, so I figured I’d try something I’ve never done before – a swatch video to show the colours in action. There’s no talking, no messing around, just 2 straight minutes of pretty colours and super-satisfying nail painting up close! I have also ‘properly’ swatched and photographed my favourites but I’m saving them to put up on Instagram (@thesammersaurus.)

The video is a little light on the finer details of the polishes themselves so there are a few things I want to mention ahead of time…

Of the 12 shades in the collection, I singled out a few that I thought would be duds on my first inspection, but my first impressions turned out to be painfully inaccurate.

The biggest surprise of the collection, for me at least, is Take a Right on Bourbon. I’m normally completely averse to anything resembling a foil/metallic finish as it’s nearly always impossible to avoid brush strokes and I’m just not a fan of the look in general. I left this shade until the very last to swatch it because I kinda assumed I’d hate it but, no matter how much I try to fight it, I have to admit that was impressed with this one. I’d put the colour somewhere between silver and bronze, maybe champagne? It’s a hard one to pin down – non-offensive and nothing very distinctive – but once I put my top coat on, it started to grow on me. I can’t say that I love it – just that it defied my expectations!

As for the rest of the shades, I’ll let you watch the video and decide for yourselves, and I’ll leave you with my loves and leaves from the collection

Love it

Rich Girls & Po-Boys (Blue Creme), Got Myself into a Jam-balaya (Peach Creme), She’s a Bad Muffuletta! (Red Creme). See the pattern here?!

Leave it

I’m Sooo Swamped! – The formula of this green creme is great in 2 coats, but green will never be my colour. It’s a no from me.
Let Me Bayou a Drink – 3 coats for a shimmery baby pink? Too much effort!