Emoji Nail Art and Some New Kit from MoYou

Stamping Emoji Nail Art with MoYou Geek 09 PLate

Every week, an email drops into my inbox with the sole intention to tempt me to buy the latest MoYou releases. Normally this is an exercise in restraint for me because face it, we all want ALL of the MoYou plates, but last week I just couldn’t help myself. As if the announcement of their new worktop mat wasn’t exciting enough, they also released a whole bunch of Emoji stamping plates. Needless to say, I was all over that shiz!

The worktop mat, dubbed ‘Your Magic Workshop‘ is already sold out which comes as no surprise. It seems every brand/store with a link to nail art has their own version of this mat and I can tell you it’s no different to my Bundle Monster Lotus Mat in terms of functionality. However, the MoYou mat comes with a pretty solid-feeling and stylish cardboard tube for storage which you don’t get from Bundle Monster – at the same price.

For the nail art, I did originally try creating my own decals by stamping the designs on to the mat, filling in the colours on the back, and carefully peeling them away. This worked okay for the ‘all-over’ designs on my first and pinky fingers but was kind of a disaster for the stand alone, larger Emojis. I still need to put in a bit more practice on that technique! In the end, I just stamped the outlines straight on to my nails using a my new favourite clear stamper and filled in the colours with a teeny nail art brush.

For the Emoji Nail Art

The base colours here are Barry M Heather and Barry M Huckleberry.
For the stamping, I used MoYou London Stamping Plates Geek 09 and 11. The black stamping polish is Cirque Memento Mori and the clear stamper is from Born Pretty Store.
To fill in the Emojis, I used NYC Lexington Yellow, Barry M Passion Fruit and Sally Hansen Blinding Blue.

MoYou Magic Workshop
Barry M Emoji Nail Art

Emoji Nail Art Close Up

Emoji Nail Art with MoYou London

Cute Emoji Nail Art