The Best 4 White Nail Polishes (IMHO)

The Best White Nail Polish Money Can Buy

Finding a good white polish is a journey for any nail art lover. And at some point during that journey, you’ll come to realise that one white polish probably isn’t enough when it turns out your favourite white base is pretty much invisible when you try to stamp it over plum, or the one you found that so perfectly stamps over dark black just looks like a hot, streaky mess when you try to wear it alone. I’ve been there too, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

To an outsider, it may seem excessive to name 4 ‘must have’ white polishes – it’s just white nail polish, right?! But think of it in real-life terms – you wouldn’t paint the radiators with the same paint you use on the walls. Just like you don’t paint the shed with the same paint that’s on your car. Each of them has different characteristics and yields different results so really, 4 white nail polishes is quite prudent!


The Neutral Base Coat

Barry M Coconut is a slightly off-white shade that works really well as a base coat. When I’m going to be painting nail art on top of it, I usually apply two thin coats and get stuck in. It’s also the perfect consistency for using in freehand nail art, but it’s not fully opaque so it has its limits.

I quite often wear this one alone and it works charmingly as an accent colour paired with other muted/pastel tones.

Barry M Coconut // Superdrug £3.99




The White White Base Coat

When I want a clean, stark starting point for my nail art, I grab Barry M Matte White. It’s matte by name but not by nature – this one has a pretty standard glossy finish so I have no idea why they named it Matte White.

It’s prone to getting kinda thick so I use nail polish thinner on occasion to get it back to a nice smooth consistency, but for less than £3 a bottle I’m not complaining!

Barry M White // Superdrug £2.99



The Stamp Champ

NOTHING beats BK Matte White for stamping nail art. It works over anything…. literally anything. The formula is very thick and pigmented which makes it perfect for stamping but a nightmare for painting – it’s almost chalky, so you just can’t get a smooth finish.

Unlike the Barry M, this Matte White actually is a matte polish. As far as I know, you can only get this from Born Pretty Store and, to the best of my knowledge, the brand is BK. It used to be printed rather blatantly on the bottle but the design now sort of reads, ‘BK Gorgeous’.

Whatever you want to call it, this polish is amazing and if you’re a keen stamper, you NEED it. I’m on my third bottle at the moment and will keep buying it until they stop selling it!

BK Matte White // Born Pretty Store $4.36

piCture pOlish LakoDom Swatch

The Special Something

Okay, so this one isn’t a ‘must have’ but if you took it away, I’d be pretty torn up about it. Just look how preeetttttyyy!

Every now and then, a very special polish comes along to brighten your day and for me, piCture pOlish LakoDom is one of those polishes. I fell in love as soon as I saw it and it’s made it’s way on to a few of my ‘best of’ lists already! This milky white is packed with holo particles which sets it apart from the sea of white polishes out there. Perfect as a base for nail art (especially anything snow/winter related!) or on its own in two coats every time.

piCture pOlish LakoDom // piCture pOlish AU$13.00

  • I love the pastel, white ombre. It looks so amazing! <3

  • Great to hear and see which white polishes you like.

  • Stefanie

    I have coconut and lakodom and like them both for various opportunities. Thank you for this great post.

  • Oooo i love the white matte =]

  • Love them all! And the manicures are awesome!

  • I love white polishes! I love the marble look, I have to try it!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  • I haven’t tried any of these mainly because I have to buy them online. Thank you for sharing your favorites. I will definitely add the two Barry M. My favorite still remains Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

  • firegirl

    I love Coconut and I want to get Lakodom. A white polish I bought for Xmas (and never used) is China Glaze Dandy Lyin About – it is a white with loads of small glass flecks and it looks great on my swatch wheel.

  • Kathryn J

    I smiled when I saw this post as I own Barry M Coconut and PP Lakodom and I love them both as well. I’ve not tried the BK stamping range but I will keep an eye out for that one. Have you tried CBL Chasing a Unicorn yet (the ultimate white holo)? I’ve just bought it and it looks amazing on the swatch stick, although I’m yet to paint it on my nails. I’ve a feeling it could change this list to ‘the best 5 white polishes’! 🙂

  • Ophelia

    My favorite white is Salon Perfect Sugar Cube. It’s a perfect base. Haven’t tried stamping with it, though.

  • I LOVE love love your write up about radiator and garage paints 😀

    So true. This is an awesome post, thanks for sharing Sammy! I am currently using OPI Alpine Snow as a base for underneath nail art, Essie Blanc when I fancy a white manicure that doesn’t look like whiteout and Konad Stamping Polish when I stamp – that tip about BPS white polish is awesome!
    So glad I didn’t complete my order yesterday, adding this to my cart! (Don’t even SAY they might stop selling it. Ever. :P)

  • AnSo

    I’m about to complete an order on BPS and of course I added the BK white nail polish. Though I’m wondering if the BK black nail polish is also good for stamping. Did you try it? Is it working well?

  • This is a great list! I’ve been looking for a good stamping white, so now I know what to try out. And I’m going to be nabbing your comparison to different types of paints — it’s so accurate!

  • OMG – piCture pOlish LakoDom is in my top ten favorite polishes of ALL TIME! Formula – flawless. Color – rich with a fabu shimmer, but not too much shimmer! I love to do nail art with this gem!!

  • Susannah Lee Myers

    Fun! Have you tried MoYou’s White Knight? That’s my current go-to white stamping polish, and I’d be interested to know how it compares to the BK Matte White. (Just based on your pictures, I’m thinking the BK might be better!)

  • Christina Nevin

    Thanks for the recs! I will nip out and get the Barry M later in the week. I usually use Sally Hansen’s “White On” as a base and it works really well (especially once it’s thickened up a little and is a one-coater).
    I have the BK stamping blue and love it so it’s good to know the white is just as good. Also going on my ‘To Buy’ list.

  • Thank you so much it is really informative, as i was looking for the best white nail polishes that stay for long time and look neat too x

  • Veronica Yao

    omg those barry ms are my favorites too! would definitely try the BK over stamping when I do my nails next! love those nailart! x

  • Lovely post! Unfortunately these brands are not sold in Italy so I am still looking for a good white nail polish