BB-8 Nail Art || Star Wars

BB8 Nail Art with Barry M

So we’ve all seen Star Wars by now right? Recycled plot points aside, I really loved the movie! Everyone is talking about the amazingly talented Daisy Ridley being the breakout star and while I think she was great and all, surely we can all agree that BB-8 was the real show stopper. What a little cutie!

So obviously, I decided to do some BB-8 Nail Art inspired by everyone’s new favourite Droid in the galaxy (sorry R2!). I’ve been waiting for some perfect inspiration for a nice, simple freehand nail art design and BB-8 was the perfect Muse.

For the nail art, I used…

Barry M Coconut as my base colour
The grey is Rimmel Moon and the burnt orange shade is a mixture of Barry M Mustard and Essie Fear & Desire
Pure Color #10 Nail Art Brush
Glisten & Glow HK Girl to topcoat

Sidenote: If anyone wants to get me that Sphero BB-8 toy as a late Christmas/early Birthday present, I’m totally down.

BB8 Nails

BB-8 Nail Art

BB-8 Nails

BB8 Nail Art Star Wars