Quilted Nail Art Tutorial

Quilted Nail Art Tutorial by The Nailasaurus
I got my hands on Adobe Premiere over the weekend and spent the better part of Sunday getting to grips with it. I’ve been itching to get some more professional software for a while and there’s a lot for me to learn but I’m excited to start making videos (slightly) more regularly and actually having them turn out the way I envision them.

I learn best by jumping in so I went right ahead and filmed a quick tutorial for a quilted nail art look that I’ve seen floating about. This is only my second time trying the technique so I’m still learning too. I can spot a few bald patches where I went in too hard with the pin but you can learn from my mistakes! Make sure your polish is dry enough before you start making dents in it. I certainly will next time.

How To Do Quilted Nails

Before you start, make sure you gather up everything you need. You’ll need a coloured polish, your favourite fast drying top coat, a matte top coat, some tools to make the lines and a few tiny studs or other embellishments.

1. Use three coats of colour – or as many as you need to create a thick base because it needs to be ‘high’ enough to make indentations in. My colour is L’Oreal 615.

2. Add your fast drying top coat and wait a minute.

3. Add one layer of matte top coat and wait about 5 minutes. The polish should be dry on top but still tacky underneath.

4. Using whatever tools you need – I start off with a flossing stick to position my lines, then move on to a toothpick and pin to get in to the edges – PRESS parallel lines in to the nail polish. Whatever you do, avoid dragging the polish at all costs… only press.

5. Repeat going ‘the other way’ to make a tesselated square / diamond pattern.

6. Finally, add a few dots of clear polish and attach your studs using a wax pencil. My studs are the 0.8mm gold ones from Born Pretty Store.

Quicktip: Take your time and don’t be afraid to go back over any lines you aren’t happy with. Keep at it until you’re happy with the design but don’t overdo it.

The song is CHVRCHES – Clearest Blue

  • Your quilted nails look great! So neat.

  • I can’t believe you’re so new to this technique and it still looks THIS GOOD. Get out. 😛

  • Oh wow, this is certainly a new style for me, I hadn’t even heard of it. It’s so elegant though! I really want to try it now 🙂

  • I love these, definitely going to give this a try!!

  • Wow! I really love these!

  • JusVky

    Does anyone have any idea or suggestions on how to do this quilted look with gel polish?