31DC2015: Inspired by Bring Me The Horizon

BMTH That's The Spirit Nail Art

I still haven’t given up on the idea of finishing the 31 Day Challenge before the end of the year! I’m slowly but surely ticking off the last few days. The next prompt to tick off my list is ‘inspired by a song’ and I took a bit of inspiration from Bring Me The Horizon’s lyric video for True Friends and some artwork that’s making the rounds featuring that umbrella.

The black holo I used for the base is A-England Bridal Veil and I freehanded the umbrella using white acrylic paint. It took about 6 attempts to get right but I got there in the end! For the colourful nails, I painted on a base of Barry M White and created the pattern using acrylic paints and a flat brush. Kind of in a one-stroke fashion but way less refined and way more messy!

BMTH That's The Spirit Artwork

The Nailasaurus 31DC015 | Inspired by a Song