Happy Halloween! Skittlette Nail Art

Just a quick post to show you my official Halloween nails for this year. It was impossible choosing just one design from the 18 halloween nail art looks I showed you last weekend so I went wild with it and picked my favourites.

These nails have held up since Wednesday night which is possibly a record for me. I had to do them a while ahead of the holiday as it’s been a busy few days and I knew I wouldn’t get a chance otherwise. My index finger is chipped very slightly on the corner but fingers crossed everything will stay put until the evening’s up!

Polishes Used

Thumb Barry M Lychee | Barry M Red | Sweet Color Liner in White and Black mixed with the Red for highlights and lowlights

Index Essie Navigate Her | Barry M Red | Black Acrylic Paint

Middle Barry M White | Black Acrylic Paint

Ring A-England Cathy | Angel Paper from eBay

Pinkie piCture pOlish Lakodom | Barry M Red

  • This Nail Art is really nice, have a nice Halloween day ♪

  • Awesome nails for Halloween.

  • Nice skittles for Halloween 😀

  • Wow! It looks really cool, perfect for Halloween 🙂

  • Phenomenal as usual.

  • Rachele Hunt

    Love all of these nails. I might have to steal the idea for the ring finger and do it. You are really talented. Looking forward to the next post!

  • Perfect. I NEED to attempt these shattered glass nails because I’m dying. They look perfect.

  • Love the skull nail art.

  • I love this!! Awesome Halloween looks 🙂