31DC2015: Sunset Gradient Nails

The Nailasaurus Gradient

The plan for my gradient nails was to recreate the smoky black and white gradient from Day 7’s Black and White Nails but when the time came, I caught a glimpse of the sunset and changed my mind! The sky was a pale blue fading in to orange at the horizon and I knew it would look just as beautiful on my nails.

Nail Polishes Used

I used NYC Raindrop first, followed by China Glaze Peachy Keen to create the gradient. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the video tutorial!

  • Your gradient is always so seamless and blended. So pretty.

  • I love it <3

  • Neat and perfect! I love the colour combo – really like a sunset!

  • SkyBlueVelvet Nails

    Just perfect !! ♥

  • Such a perfect soft gradient ♥.

  • Susannah Lee Myers

    Your gradients are amazing; I’ve never dared to try fading two such opposing colors, and yours looks PERFECT. <3 I am pretty sure I could not do this if I practiced for the next ten years!

  • Susannah Lee Myers

    I also wanted to say: even though I know you’ve had a hard time blogging this year, and you weren’t sure you wanted to do the 31DC at all, I think so far your entries this year are, for the most part, actually better and more interesting than last year’s. So if you need a break, take it; you’re certainly not getting rusty!

    • That means a lot, thank you Susannah. I’m trying very hard to see this through! It is getting me back in to the blogging vibe though, so I’m hoping to continue the momentum after! And thank you for everything. I know you’re a regular around here and I always love reading your comments <3

  • Laura Bradley

    So pretty x