31DC2015: Half Moons with a Tutorial

My 31 Day Challenge has taken on a schedule of its own, but I haven’t given up! I’m lagging way behind everyone else and I don’t think this is going to be a tortoise and the hare situation – it’ll be a leisurely stroll towards the finish line. Just to give you an idea of how behind I am, Half Moons is the prompt for Day 18 and today is September 27th. Whoops!

I got my hands on the new A-England collection this week and was pretty excited about it so of course I wanted to get as many if them in to this mani as I could. Considering I used Pink, Grey and Blue, I didn’t think my half moon nails would come out looking quite this patriotic. I guess I have my alternative colour palette ready for the next time I need to display my national pride.

Polishes Used

A-England Spirit of the Moors
A-England Cathy
A-England Let Me In

1. Paint on your base (moon) colour and finish with a think layer of quick drying top coat. Wait for it to dry completely before moving on to step 2.

2. Apply a hole reinforcer at your cuticle to mark off the half moon. Protip: Cut them in half to get double for your money!

3. Paint over the rest of your nail with your second colour and remove the sticker immediately.

4. Add another thin layer of top coat. Wait again for everything to dry.

5. Apply another hole reinforcer and, this time, apply some tape in a pinstripe pattern. I used Whats Up Nails Skinny Straight Tape but you could also use Striping Tape.

6. Paint over everything with your third colour. Carefully remove all the stencils and finish with one final top coat.

  • This looks fantastic!

  • NewColors OldFriends

    looks great! love it 🙂

  • Tionna

    Beautiful!! Don’t worry! I’m behind to 😛 I did Day 19-23 all between yesterday and today! LOL!