31DC2015: Orange Nails with a Chevron Gradient

Orange Gradient Chevron Nail Art

Day 2 of the challenge calls for Orange nails and again I’ve opted for a fairly standard orange mani with a bit of fun sandwiched in to the middle. Does peach count as an orange shade? I sure hope so because I find it far more flattering against my pale skin tone than brighter shades of orange.

The Nail Polish

First I laid down three coats of China Glaze Peachy Keen and three coats of Barry M Coconut where I was prepping for the chevrons. That was all topped with Glisten & Glow HK Girl to make it dry.

Once that was solid as a rock, I went ahead and applied some of the Skinny Zig Zag Tape from Whats Up Nails over the Coconut. I created the gradient using Seventeen Bright Peach and piCture pOlish Totes. Scroll to the end of the post for a video on that!

31DC2015: Orange Nails Macro

31DC2015: Orange Chevron Nails

Chevron Gradient Nail Art by The Nailasaurus

Skip to 3:30 for the gradient tutorial…