• These must have taken a while to do but the end result looks great!

  • You always have a lot of patience and dedication. They’re really beautiful.

  • This is such a cool and unique nail look!

  • Susannah Lee Myers

    Holy cow, I just can’t even. They’re absolutely perfect. I’ve tried glitter placement once (actually one of your designs!), and it was just for accent nails, and even though I eventually managed to get them done, it took about four hours and I wanted to kill myself. How do you pick them up?!

  • HOLY WOW!!

  • MsK Beauty Talk

    omg! I am in awe! I’d never have the patience to do it! well done!

  • Excellent! Hat’s off…. ^_^

  • robin bullard

    I love these!

  • Holy crap these look amazing! I want them on my nail NOW!!!


  • I love this! It is so intricate!

  • WOW! This is just beautiful!


  • Tiffany Harvey

    Wow! Gorgeous.

  • Gosh this must take so long to do (unless it comes in one piece)? x

  • myishia simmons

    Whew these must’ve taken forever, but the end result is stunning! They look 3D too.