31DC2015: Black and White Nails with a Skittle

I literally can’t remember the last time I did a skittle mani (a different design on every finger). I went through my skittle-mania phase in 2012 so it was likely all the way back then. I am particularly fond of this one as it has a few of my signature styles in – we have a spot of stamping (which is how this blog got started), my waterfall design and the classic gradient (the tutorial for which remains, to this day, my most popular post). So alongside being a rather breathtaking monochrome mani, it’s a quick trip down memory lane too!

The Nails

Base Colour Barry M Coconut
Thumb MoYou Back to the 80s Plate 03 stamped with W7 Black
First Finger Waterfall design with W7 Black & Silver, Sally Hansen Dorian Grey & Black Platinum, Barry M White
Middle Finger Chevrons with W7 Black using Whats Up Nails Skinny Zig Zags
Ring Finger Gradient with Barry M Coconut, Sally Hansen Dorian Grey and W7 Black
Pinky Finger Dotting with W7 Black

  • Beata

    I love Your short, but lovely nails… and those black & white ones are soooooo beautifull :3

  • Really great black and white skittle!

  • Susannah Lee Myers

    I just do not have the nerve to do a skittle, but since this is just the black and white, it all ties together really well. = )

  • That’s a unique mani. <3

  • Gorgeous skittles <3

  • I really like this!

  • Wow, Very pretty black and white nails. Love it

  • Helen

    I just love the monochrome… Perfect.

  • I absolutely love this! It is such a “you” manicure 🙂