A Catch Up: With Cats

Cat Nail Art

No more ‘Happy New Year’, it really is the new year now and I can’t believe how quickly it’s passing. Admittedly I’ve been pretty awful at posting on the blog so I thought today would be a good time for a quick catch up.

I was completely overwhelmed by the number of you that took the time to complete my End of Year Survey. Every response has been perfect and will really help to shape the future of The Nailasaurus. I’ll be taking some time out this weekend to take a thorough look at the replies and pick out the important parts but if you haven’t had a chance to fill it out, there’s still time. Now let’s find out what I’ve been up to recently…

Doing: A huge deep clean and clear out. Goodbye old clothes and anything else that’s outlived its usefulness. Clear house; clear head, I say!

Avoiding: Emails and carbonated drinks

Watching: The Walking Dead – Season 3

Listening to: Purity Ring and Fall Out Boy: American Beauty/American Psycho (Faves: Irresistible, Fourth of July and Uma Thurman)

Playing: Assassin’s Creed: Rogue

Crazy For: The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter, piCture pOlish Holiday, buying cheap watches from China, and my new jewellery.

The Nail Art

I started with a base coat of Nicole by OPI At Least I Pink So, then applied some darn cute DIY Nails Here, Kitty water decals.

Once they were all in place, I used a tiny dotting tool to add the random polka dots using Sally Hansen Pinch of Punch and Barry M Coconut.

Cat Water Decals

DIY Nails Here, Kitty

Cat Nail Art Macro

  • Annette H

    Oh they’re just too cute!

  • Aww such cute kittens <3 I missed your survey, I go check it out now.

  • Danielle Mac

    They are cool

  • Eekk that is too cute!

  • Roberta

    Love the one on your index finger. Such a sucker for cats. Keep up the fabulous blog and fun nail designs!

  • Ahh! The kitty decals are so cute and I love the pink. This definitely appeals very much to my cat lady self! 🙂

  • I love cats, I love your blog… But I do not love this manicure.

  • craftynail

    omg these are adorbz

  • What a delightful girlie mani..!!

  • descude

    Beautiful nails!

  • cat

    Hi Sammy, these are whimsical and the dots add to that feeling! I love cats, as you might guess!

  • i NEED those cat decals in my life asap!

  • Let me start by saying that I dislike pink nails with a passion.

    But this is such a perfect Crazy Cat Lady mani – I’m in love!!! : )

    Has a slight Umbridge vibe to it, but the kittens aren’t moving so it’s all good.

    Seriously Sammy, they’re awesome.

  • Lucyna

    I’m in love with this manicure. I’m not a fan of real cats, but I love any kind of cat art!

  • So damn cute!! I love red kitty, it’s the almost twin of my tabby. ♥

  • Susannah Lee Myers

    This is the cutest, most girly thing ever! <3

  • listening to FOB ‘s new album a lot too! Those are my favorite songs too and also centuries.

  • I can’t quite grasp why, but somehow this manicure reminds me of the 70s 😀

  • They are really adorable nails <3

  • Rebecca Russell

    Holy cow! So adorable!

  • These are awesome decals!!

  • Sooooo cute. Thanks for sharing, Sammy. Have a great day.

  • Pretty kittens <3

  • I love cats, and I love nail polish. This is soo cute!

    Also, I love the name of your blog 😉

    Sophie |

  • Hahahaha how amazing are those little kittens?! They are amazing

  • Sofia

    That is just cute and humorous all at the same time.