• I have mega respect for your decision to do poppies for today. Excellent choice considering that it’s both Veterans Day and the 100th year anniversary of Armistice Day at the same time. So fitting, and so super cool. Thanks for being awesome.

  • These are just lovely.

  • Irena

    Beautiful….and great quote

  • Lovely design for this day!

  • These are just gorgeous! 🙂

  • So beautiful!

  • Beautiful!

  • Alesha.

    Love the watercolour effect. Makes it unique!

  • Sarah McDermott

    These are stunning. I absolutely love poppies and will be tempting this look . My dad and grandpa are veterans so today is extra special for my family as we are very thankful for them and all who has served and are still serving.

  • Stunning! What a lovely tribute 🙂

  • Such a lovely nail art! Really enjoyed it!

  • Gorgeous! Can you do a tutorial on how to do this?!

    • Annie

      She used water decals from She Sells Seashells, similar to nail stickers 🙂 The design and glitter are all part of the decal. I ordered some similar ones she used in another post because these seemed to no longer be on the website. Excited to try them in the next couple days for my Thanksgiving mani!

  • Absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to see a tutorial on it too, please!

  • Courtney

    Lovely! Tutorial plz!