18 Easy Nail Art Ideas for Halloween

Easy Halloween Nail Art

October has completely flown by and I can’t believe Halloween is less than a week away! I haven’t posted a single Halloween nail design yet this year so I wanted to round up a couple of easy designs that anyone can do for the holiday.

I started on this nail art wheel last week and just had a few details to finish off last night, when I spilled a whole lot of nail polish remover over the whole thing. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t rescue it so I had to start over! I think the second attempt is better than the first anyway since I knew exactly what I was doing this time around. I also made my way through 5 episodes of Once Upon a Time while doing it so it wasn’t a complete disaster!

Don’t forget to tag me @thesammersaurus and use the hashtag #looknailasaurus if you recreate any of these designs so I can see!

Easy Halloween Nail Art

No Nail Care

Start with a base coat that matches your skin tone or even leave your nails bare. Use a deep red to give the effect that you’re bleeding straight out of your cuticles.
Polishes Used: Barry M Lychee, Revlon Bordeaux


Over a green base, paint some red lines using a nail art brush, then add the stitching using black paint or polish.
Polishes used: Nicole by OPI I Shop Mintage, Barry M Red, Black Acrylic Paint

Catching Flies

Paint a few silver lines coming out from the corner of your nail. Connect them up with some ‘dips’ to create a cobweb.
Polishes Used: W7 Black, A-England Excalibur Renaissance

Halloween Nail Art For Beginners

Happy Jack

Paint your nails with a bright orange polish and add details
Polishes Used: Essie Fear & Desire, Black Acrylic Paint

Distressed Gradient

There’s a tutorial for the distressed look at Chalkboard Nails.
Polishes Used: piCture pOlish Tail Feather, piCture pOlish Hussy, A-England Dorian Gray


Named so because it’s exactly what Morticia Addams would be rocking on her nails! Start with a black base coat and freehand on the ruffian edge with a silver chrome polish.
Polishes Used: W7 Black, A-England Excalibur Renaissance

Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Eye See You

I believe this design is originally by Wah! Nails. Over a white base colour, start with the largest blue circle as the pupil. Draw a smaller black circle inside it as the iris and add a small whit dot just to the edge of the iris. Using a thin brush, add some wiggly veins creeping in from the edges.
Polishes Used: Graffiti Nails Ice White, Barry M Malibu, W7 Black, Barry M Red

Pumpkin Patch

Over a light base colour, paint on a pumpkin shape at the very base of your nail in orange polish. Mix the orange polish with a little bit of yellow to add some highlights.
Polishes used: Barry M Meadow, Essie Fear & Desire, NYC Lexington Yellow

Candy Corn

Paint your nails white and wait for it to dry. You can either freehand on the blocks of yellow and orange or use scotch tape to mark off each section as you go for a super crisp edge.
Polishes Used: Graffiti Nails Ice White, Essie Fear & Desire, NYC Lexington Yellow

Halloween Nail Ideas


Tutorial here
Polishes used: China Glaze Mimosa’s Before Mani’s, Rimmel Keep Calm and Party, Sally Hansen Grass Slipper

Halloween Waterfall

Tutorial here
Polishes Used: Nicole by OPI I Shop Mintage, Revlon Bordeaux, Essie Fear & Desire, W7 Black, Rimmel Keep Calm and Party

Goofy Ghost

Start with your white base colour and paint a black frame around your nail using a nail art brush. Near the cuticle, add a wavy line and fill in any gaps. To finish up, add some dots for eyes and and pokey tongue.

Polishes Used: Barry M Pearl, W7 Black

Halloween Nail Art

Hallowen Glitter

If you’re in a rush, a spooky glitter will do the job! Add some simple details using silver polish.
Polishes Used: China Glaze Cowgirl Up, Orly Fowl Play, A-England Excalibur Renaissance


Paint a white base colour and add a top coat to speed up drying time. Use striping tape to mark off your pinstripes, paint over everything in black and immediately remove the tape. Perfect pinstripes every time!
Polishes Used: Graffiti Nails Ice White, W7 Black,

Toxic Waste

Start with your slimy green base coat and paint on the drips using a small nail art brush.
Polishes Used: Sally Hansen Grass Slipper, Black Acrylic Paint

Halloween Nail Art


Use a large dotting tool to create the ‘bodies’ and add the 8 legs to each using a little nail art brush.
Polishes Used: piCture pOlish Eerie, W7 Black.


Just go nuts with glitter! Use a make-up sponge to create the gradient effect.
Polishes Used: Barry M Papaya, Sally Hansen Sparktacular, Lac Attack Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

Dexter’s Lab

This was a bit of a fluke! I used the distressed technique with red over white and got this amazing streaky look. I don’t know if it was the brush or polish but my gosh, it works!
Polishes Used: Graffiti Nails Ice White, Barry M Red

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