Polish Me Silly Thermal Polishes: Get Breezy and Sizzling Sunset

Polish Me Silly Thermal Color Changing Nail Polish Swatches // The Nailasaurus

Polish Me Silly is an indie brand that’s been on my radar for a really long time but I’d never actually tried any of their polishes until recently. You may know them for their innovative use of neon glitter in their polishes and that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you today.

I have swatches of two of their Thermal Color Changing polishes – Get Breezy and Sizzling Sunset – to share today. Each polish is packed with neon glitter and the colour of the base transforms dependent on whether the polish is warm or cold!

If you have long nails that extend past the tip of your finger, you will get a ready made gradient effect where the polish is cooler on the tips and warm where it sits on your nail bed. On my short nails the polishes mostly stay in the ‘warm’ phase apart from at the very tips so I had to dunk them in ice water to get them to change colour. It’s a pretty cool party trick!

In the bottle, Get Breezy is a lovely sky blue colour with lots of bright glitter pieces from purple, to orange to green and more. For this swatch I used 3 coats with top coat.
The colour change from warm to cool on this polish is really subtle. It’s an almost white, icy blue when it’s warm but when cool, it gets a bit darker and turns to an aqua blue. A few pictures down, you can see the two right next to each other to really compare them and see how subtle the change is.
Polish Me Silly Get Breezy swatch // The Nailasaurus
Polish Me Silly Get Breezy cool and warm swatch // The Nailasaurus
Cold on the left. Warm on the right.

Polish Me Silly Sizzling Sunset when warm swatch // The Nailasaurus
The colour change in Sizzling Sunset is way more noticeable than in Get Breezy! It contains hexes and circle glitter of yellow and gold with some fuschia hexes thrown in. This swatch is 3 coats with top coat.
It goes from a bright, sunny yellow when warm to creamy orange when cool. When I dipped my nails in cold water, the change was instantaneous and very obvious! We know that yellows are notoriously difficult polishes to work with but this one is as smooth as butter and is a really flattering tone to boot. When you see the gradient effect of half warm / half cool on this polish, you can see how it got its name.
Polish Me Silly Sizzling Sunset swatch // The Nailasaurus
Polish Me Silly Sizzling Sunset gradient swatch // The Nailasaurus
I was really impressed with these thermal polishes. They change instantly when exposed to a change in temperature and are incredibly easy to apply. It’s really hard to pick a favourite from the two. The colour change in Sizzling Sunset is so incredible but I have a weakness for Blue and Get Breezy has the more interesting mix of glitter. If I really have to pick just one, it’s gonna be Get Breezy!

Where to buy Polish Me Silly

Polish Me Silly nail polish is available from Polish Me Silly on Etsy with worldwide shipping available.
Thermal Polishes RRP, $6.50.