Nail Art Favourites: Wax Pencil

Nail Art can be fiddly enough as it is so when you add in the complication of trying to get your accessories from the pot on to your nail, things get even harder. I’ve always used a toothpick dipped in clear polish (to make the end sticky) to pick up any little accessories and was quite content with that method until I found out about wax pencils. Oh, how misguided I was!
I’ve seen these pencils before when browsing for nail art supplies online but I never really thought much of them – happy to soldier on with my toothpick method. I popped a duo in my basket last time I shopped at Born Pretty Store and was kicking myself for not trying them sooner. 
They look just like any other lead pencil but the substance running through the core is waxy. Tacky but not sticky. It has just the right amount of tack to pick up small items like studs and rhinestones and easily ‘lets go’ of them once they’re on your nail without leaving any residue. You can sharpen them to a point for picking up tiny pieces of glitter or leave the end flat for larger items. 
I also like having something more substantial to grip. While a toothpick will give you pin point accuracy, your bones don’t feel so great after 20 minutes of placing glitter! We’re all used to holding pens and pencils so this nail art tool just sits naturally in your hand.
Now that I’ve tried these pencils I don’t think I can ever go back and I’d recommend them to anyone struggling with applying the finishing details to their nail art. Have you used wax pencils before? I feel like I’m way behind the times on this!

Where to buy Wax Pencils

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  • Um this is kind of a brilliant product!!!

  • Fie

    I made one myself by putting a tiny bit of blu-tack on an old pencil 🙂 it works great and it’s a cheap and easy way to diy. 🙂

  • Christelle – soyezvernie

    I didn’t know a tool like this existed ! I’m gonna buy one very soon ^^

  • I purchased a couple of these online last week and am waiting for them to arrive in Tasmania, Australia (I love Tassie, but at times it can be a real pain living on the other side of the world to everyone else out there in the nail art addict community. I can’t wait to try them out because I’ve seen so many good reports about them.

    Also, a lot of online sites won’t ship to Australia, especially in America and Canada (or they charge exhorbitant shipping rates if they do happen to ship here), which is a real shame, because it is almost impossible to get nail art supplies here except for nail polishes and nail treatments. And Tasmania is even worse than mainland Australia, because there are less than 500,000 people in the whole of our state, so we don’t have beauty stores like you do overseas, and the beauty sections in our pharmacies are very limited in what they stock. I’m hoping things will change, but I’m not counting on it, so I’ll just keep shopping online and picking up the stuff I need on ebay, etc. You guys in America are really missing out on a large market by not shipping to Australia, because nail art is just starting to take off here, but people usually get it done by professionals because they can’t get the supplies they need here.