Nail Art Favourites: DIY Nails Water Decals

Time and time again, I find myself reaching for my DIY Nails decals whenever I’m feeling a bit too lazy for more time consuming nail art but still want something that’s going to make people take notice of my nails! These are my favourites for more than a few reasons.
For starters, they’re printed on to a super thin material so you’ll never get any air bubbles or visible lines around your decal when it’s on your nail. This does mean you have to take a bit more care when placing them as they’re very delicate but just remember that time and tweezers are your friends!
There’s another very important quality I look for in water decals. It’s tricky to explain but I’m going to try anyway! With some water decals, they’re printed on to one single sheet of ‘decal plastic’ and you have to cut very closely to the actual design to get a viable decal. DIY Nails decals are all individual printed so you only have to cut out the design you want to use very roughly and the compacted little decal itself just slides right off the paper.
We also need to talk about the designs – they have everything from unicorns to breakfast foods to Ziggy Stardust! They’re all completely original, many are hand drawn, and they really stand out in a crowd. You can even get your own images turned in to custom decals which I think is a great gift idea for the nail art lover in your life.
If you like water decals, there’s no way you won’t love DIY Nails. Easy to use with a great selection of designs and not an air bubble in sight! What more could you want from your water decals?

Where to Buy DIY Nails

DIY Nails Water Decals are available from and select retail stores. RRP £6.00.
It’s also worth checking the sale section to snap up any end of line stock before it’s gone for good!

  • These look so good and cool! I need to give it a go.

  • oh my gosh these are amazing!! I can’t wait to try them

  • these are amazing!!

  • they look amazing expecially the food ones!

  • Going to do some shopping now!

  • Jasmin

    Is that a Marilyn Manson nail art decal? 😀

  • eeep just ordered some of the birthday cake ones for my birthday that’s soon! Excited 😀 Thanks for pointing me to them! xxx

  • Dana Truitt

    Ohh I Want some..I’ve always steered away from decals but I’m eager to give them a try.