The £2 Flakie Duochrome

2true Shade No. 02 Swatch // Clear Sparkle

Exactly one week ago, I received an email from a lovely lady named Lynzi who reads this blog who wanted to let me know about a very interesting polish she has in her collection and described it as looking like ‘mother of pearl or white opals’. I’m always on the look out for interesting and unique nail polishes so I was very intrigued and asked for a little more information on the polish. 
Turns out it’s made by a brand called 2true which is exclusive to Superdrug. I’ve bought 2true polishes before – it’s a very purse friendly brand and the polishes are really great for that price point. I picked up a bottle for myself this weekend and couldn’t wait to swatch it!

The name on the bottle is ‘Shade No. 02‘ but on the website, it’s been given the generic descriptive name of Clear Sparkle. Seeing nail polish given numbers instead of names is a real pet-peeve of mine since a name can add so much to the appeal of a polish (or any beauty product in fact) and do wonders for the marketing *ahem, Nars Orgasm*. Whenever I see a shade that has a pun for its name, I feel like I have to buy it whether or not I like the product just because I love puns so much. Anyway, that’s a conversation for another time!

You could wear this shade on its own if you want to add a sparkly finish to your natural nails but you’ll never get it opaque. I swatched it over blackto bring out all of the different textures. There is silver glitter in there along with multichrome flakie bits that shift between purple, blue and pink. 
It gives a very rich and opulent finish that I’ve never come across in a £2 bottle of nail polish before and it could probably be compared to a number of more exclusive, expensive polishes. The closest match that I own is piCture pOlish Altered State. Scroll down to see a side-by-side comparison.

Where to buy 2true

Shade No. 02 / Clear Sparkle is available from Superdrug online and in stores nationwide. RRP £1.99.
Select products are 3 for £5.
2true Shade No. 02 Swatch // Clear Sparkle
2true Shade No. 02 Swatch // Clear Sparkle
2true Shade No. 02 Swatch // Clear Sparkle

Is it a dupe for piCture pOlish Altered State?

piCture pOlish Altered State Limited Edition Swatch
Altered State is a limited edition shade from piCture pOlish released in February 2014. Currently, it’s still available on the website but when it’s gone, it’s gone! I swatched the whole collection of Limited Edition colour shifting shades back in February.
Altered State is more of in indigo purple and the colour shift is a lot more subtle. The glitter in No. 02 is slightly chunkier (although not chunky by general glitter standards) whereas in Altered State it’s very fine and holographic. There are no flakie pieces in Altered State which is what gives No. 02 its duochrome quality. 
I think Altered State is an all around more refined polish and while anyone can see they’re not exactly the same, there is a hint of similarity and you may be able to fool an untrained eye!
So, is No. 02 a dupe for Altered State? No, not really. But it’s a very good alternative!
piCture pOlish Altered State Limited Edition Comparison

  • Wow, I wish I can get it in my country!!

  • Lynzi

    This also looks amazing if you create a pale pink/blue/aqua marble effect on the nail and top it with No.02. You can use other colours and marble them too but these shades leave your nails looking like the inside of a seashell/abalone. Very pretty for summer.
    (Posted as a guest ’cause I’m half asleep!)

  • This is gorgeous! I LOVE finding stuff that doesn’t cost £12 (or more…) a bottle… thanks so much for always being so purse-friendly!