Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Nail Doodles: The Sweetheart Collection v.2

When I was introduced to new Etsy shop on the block, Nail Doodles, I had a look around and quickly discovered that the creator behind the hand drawn, hand made water decals lives but 10 minutes away from me. Small world, huh?

One of my favourite things about being a blogger is having the opportunity to collaborate with small businesses and introduce them to a new bunch of people that share my hobbies and interests (that's you guys!). Most Indie makers and Etsy sellers that I've worked with are US based so I always love it when I come across one that's in the UK. Now to find an Etsian, by chance, who lives down the road... just amazeballs!

I snapped up The Sweetheart Collection v.2. Most of the designs come in colour or outline options and I went for the outlines because I wanted to get adventurous with my backgrounds! The instructions say to snip closely around each decal, place it on your nail (with the backing paper still attached) and submerge it in water to separate the decal. 

Of course I thought I knew best, didn't bother reading the instructions first, and went ahead with dunking the whole thing in water until the decal and paper separated, then placing the decal on my nail with tweezers. My way worked too but I'll try it the 'proper way' next time!

I'm really impressed with the colour on these decals - it didn't fade at all and has stayed jet black. I was left with a few bumps at the edge of each decal but it wasn't anything a lick of top coat couldn't sort out and may have been to do with my application. Overall, I love the decals and next on my wishlist is the Davy Jones Collection. Arrrr! 

For the gradient underneath, I used W7 Baby Pink and piCture pOlish Totes with a thin coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust over the top. There's a gradient tutorial here. The whole manicure is topped with a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

Where to Buy Nail Doodles

You can get Nail Doodles decals from Nail Doodles on Etsy and the seller ships worldwide. RRP £6.00. 



  1. Those decals are so cute! Love it over that gradient too.

  2. Was für ein süßes Design ;) Die Farbkombination gefällt mir richtig gut ;)

  3. These are seriously so adorable! Love your design too.

  4. These are fab, I saw them on a facebook group and was waiting to see what they were like and now I think I have to have them!

  5. These decals are so cute and I love the design you came up with using them! It's such a weird coincidence that the creator lives near you too! :)


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