Beautiful Bleached Mess

Streaky Watercolor Nail Art | The Nailasaurus

Last night, I had a proper sit-down nail art session for the first time in about a week and a half and this was the result. I tried a few things that went completely wrong and was going to go back to my watercolour gradient when I had the idea to try something else along the same lines, with a different twist. The result is this kind of bleachy, streaky, pastel watercolour ensemble and I really love the way it looks. 
I started with the pink streaks and then picked the other colours as I went along so the result is quite fun and spontaneous. Knowing me, if I’d have picked the whole selection beforehand, it would have been a selection of blues or purples! 

Polishes Used

Barry M Matte White
Sally Hansen Lady Lavender
Sally Hansen Tahitian Sunset
China Glaze Pink-ie Promise


I started by painting on my white base and letting it dry completely.
I dotted out one colour at a time on to a sheet of plastic and thinned it out using a flat brush dipped in acetone.
Using the brush, I worked the polish/acetone in circles on the plastic until it was very thin and then painted it on to my nails in streaks. Instead of acetone, you could also use nail polish thinner or remover.
I repeated this with each colour a few times until I got full coverage and then topped it with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.
Streaky Watercolour Nail Art | The Nailasaurus
Streaky Watercolor Nail Art | The Nailasaurus
Streaky Watercolour Nail Art | The Nailasaurus