Saturday, 28 June 2014


When I was at a nail event a little while ago, this wi-fi design by Jessica Hoffman was on the nail art menu and I knew that I would have to try it for myself. I started this mani intending just to do the wi-fi all over but it swiftly turned in to a technologic mani!

My base colour is Revlon Minted and I topped a few nails with Cirque Magic Hour.

All the stamping is from Bundle Monster plate BM415 and I used OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui and BK Matte White for all the details.

To draw on the wi-fi signal, I used two straight vinyl stencils to mark off a triangle at the base of my nail, then drew 3 curved lines stretching edge-to-edge with a nail art brush. I tried to follow the curve of my cuticle to get them all matching! I quickly removed the vinyls and used a dotting tool to add one dot at the base.

It's all topped off with a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl.



  1. Love the computer theme of this nail art! So cute! Especially the little wifi signal :)

    Haaappy Summer!
    To visit my blog - Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  2. *sigh
    I absolutly love all your designs. How do you get all this amazing ideas?

  3. love it love it totally. somehow your nails look so fresh with your choices of colours that it seems you were born with those colors on your nails :)

  4. I really love how the wifi symbol looks like a graphic pattern! These are really fun (:

  5. I absolutely love these nails!!! They're great!

  6. Terrific design! Kudos on the wi-fi signal - the hand-drawn curved lines are so symmetrical! Love the selection of polishes.

  7. that is such a stunning manicure! just sad that in every single picture your pinky is out of focus, so part of the manicure was sadly completely invisible.

  8. That was so smart how you used the decals for the wifi signal, so pretty!


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