Happy Birthday to The Nailasaurus

The Nailasaurus Infographic

Who could have known the blog that I started 4 years ago to post pictures of my scruffy little nails would one day end up here. The Nailasaurus has shaped my life ever since that fateful day in 2010 and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s introduced me to great people, unearthed talents I didn’t know I had and guided me on to a career path I had no idea existed.
With this blogaversary coming up, it got me thinking back through the years to some of my defining moments and I thought that instead of telling you the story, it would be better to show you in an infographic. I picked out some of my most memorable moments and the ones that acted as catalysts that helped grow my blog to what it is today. 
Blogging has turned out to be the single most productive form of procrastination I ever did partake in. Every day, I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to start this blog and proud of the hard work I did to make it what it is today. Above all, I’m thankful for every one of you that likes what I do enough to stop by every now and then. Here’s to many more years of productive procrastination.