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Gradient Nail Art Tutorial Video and FAQ

Gradient Nail Art Video Tutorial

When I ventured back in to making videos recently, it seemed inevitable that I'd be making a gradient nail art video since my picture version was quite a success and many people have asked to see me do it in a video. This mani does take a while but most of that time is spent waiting for polish to dry. Once you get the hang of it, sponging on the gradient is easy!

While we're here, I also thought it would be a great opportunity to answer some of the questions I get asked most frequently about this technique. Over time I've learnt a lot more about the process and how to overcome a few of the difficulties that you might come across on your first couple of tries.

What polishes work best for gradients?
You can't go wrong with creme polishes that are quite runny. They don't have to be very opaque either, streaky polishes often work best for gradients.

How do you avoid bits coming off the sponge and sticking to your nail?
I don't think there's any way to avoid this. If you see little flecks of sponge breaking off and sticking to your nail, just pick up a new sponge and continue where you left off.
You can use tweezers to pick these flecks out of your mani but if they're only small, usually your top coat will hide them!

Should you wet the sponge first?
Personally I never use water but I know others that use a damp sponge with amazing results. Try both ways and see what works for you!

How do you clean the sponge after?
I don't bother trying to clean the sponges. I just throw them away and use a fresh one the next time.

Any other tips?
It's super important to wait for your polish to dry in between layers. If you try to sponge over wet polish, you'll just start picking up the polish that's already there and it'll be a gloopy mess. Watch a movie while you're doing it to avoid boredom!

If you try this mani yourself, don't forget to use #looknailasaurus on Instagram so I can see your results!


  1. I always use this method (but first wet the sponge) and it works like a dream :) Thank you for the wonderful video! I usually paint the polish on the backside of a stamping plate instead of plastic sheet - that way there's no waste and the stamping plate is easy to clean afterwards :) -Papu-

  2. Your gradients are always perfect Sammy! I'm so glad you did a tutorial for this - it's really useful! I love the colours you've used for this gradient too! :)

  3. Thank you SO much for doing a vid tutorial. It's helped a lot, hoping my gradients will improve quickly from now on! Xx

  4. What a nice gradient tutorial! :)

  5. Wow will have to try it this way.........I guess the polish could also be spread on a silicon baking sheet for easy cleanup after the fact as well. :)

    1. I would worry about the polish remover dissolving the sheet though. Or not reacting well to the heat of the oven, or making your cookies taste like nail polish :P

  6. Great gradient tutorial, I'll must try this method! Thanks!

  7. I use a slightly different method for my gradients, but its the same basic concept. One thing I do though to get as much use out of a sponge as possible is to use the large flat (rectangular) end on a wedge sponge. Then once the sponge has dried you can use a scissor to cut off the crusty polish part and use it next time! This does only work once or twice, as it gets smaller each time, but then I just save the small bits of sponge to do things like galaxy nails, where you don't want a ton of coverage. Great video!

  8. Awesome! :D Been using this tutorial since you posted the photo tutorial! :)

  9. Hey! I love that you're making some videos, it just makes things that much better to follow :)

  10. lol, Had an Aha! moment watching your video. Besides the drying time, the key appears to be blending the two together on the palette (plas bag, alum foil, paper plate, whatever). It looks like that makes the blend before it even hits the nail.

  11. Ochhhh veeeery nice nails! <3 I love it!

  12. Great tutorial, need to try this!

  13. i am in love with this. sooo cute pastel colors

  14. I just wrote my own tutorial on how I did this! Thanks for writing a blog about it... definitely helped me the first time I tried it out :)


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