Saturday, 22 March 2014

We've Got a Headfirst Kind of Love

My Instagram feed seems to have been taken over by Chevron nails recently and I'm pretty happy about that. I just love the way they look but haven't always loved the tedious process of creating them using scotch tape and craft scissors. Here comes Nail Vinyls to save the day. There are quite a lot of places to get pre-cut vinyl chevrons but I went with Nail Vinyls as they're the ones that always crop up on IG, plus they make mini versions which are definitely needed for my teeny-weeny nails.

1. I used NYC Lavender Cupcake as my base colour on every nail and applied HK Girl to the fingers where I was going to add the chevrons. 

2. While I was waiting for that to dry, I used two coats of Claire's Silver Holographic on my pinky and ring finger.

3. For the chevron effect, I stuck on some of the mini chevrons from Nail Vinyls and painted over them with a thick layer of Rimmel Violet Swizzle. I did this one nail at a time and made sure to remove the vinyls while the Rimmel polish was still wet.

4. Finally, I topped it all off with two more coats of HK Girl.



  1. This is fantastic! So, so pretty!

  2. Lovely and sweet! I like the glitter as chevrons. Very gentle :-)

    Your nails don't look teeny-weeny... it always looksas ifyou are having lots of "space to paint on"... if you understand me...?
    All the best from Berlin! :-)

  3. Oh those Nail Vinyls! They just make it so easy and so crisp.
    Great mani :)

  4. cute! I have yet to try nail vinyls, because I never had time for tape & scissors... :)

  5. Nice, girl. You're good to explain the steps.

  6. Beautiful chevrons! I'm really excited to try vinyls but there's so many choices out there that I haven't made up my mind on which to try first. ^___^

  7. im loving the chevrons too! thanks for letting me know where i can get some good vinyls :)

  8. I love the subtlety of this, i'm such a fan of chevrons but can't be bothered with cutting the stupid tape either.

  9. Beyond beautiful! Great design babe. xo

  10. Love this! Thank you so much!


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