Unikitty Lego Nail Art!

My Lego Movie nail art was such a huge hit with you guys and I’m so glad you liked it! I’m back today on the same vein with some Unikitty nail art. She was one of my favourite characters in the movie thanks to her (mostly!) positive outlook and amazing Alison Brie voice.

I used Barry M White as my base colour for the three middle fingers. Using a nail art brush, I painted on the details using black and white acrylic paint, W7 Baby Pink and NYC MoMa. I also used a dotting tool for the black parts of the eyes.
Using scotch tape, a marked off the tip of each nail and painted the bottom half pink. Then I used a smaller strip of tape to mark off the white stripe and painted the tipes using NYC Raindrop and Lexington Yellow (which I mixed with some white to make it pastel).
My pinkie and thumb are two coats of Claire’s Silver Holographic over Barry M Prickly Pear. I outlined them using Barry M Blueberry and added a thin line of white acrylic paint.
It’s all topped off with two coats of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.