Minty Glitter and Chevron Nail Art

Whenever I pass a Claire’s Accessories, I can’t help but look in at the nail polishes ever since I found an amazing silver holographic glitter in there. Today I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I was met with an amazing selection of indie-esque polishes on the shelf including some neon glitters. Considering that very few, if any, mainstream cosmetic brands in the UK have conquered the quirky glitter trend, I was pleasantly surprised to see these kind of polishes in Claire’s and I picked up three of them – a chunky neon mix, a blue neon glitter and this pastel green shimmery based glitter.
These polishes run at £3.00 each and are now finally available to purchase online at I strongly suggest you take a look through the selection if you like drool-worthy glitter combinations and grab the silver holographic if you can!

For the glittery nails, I used Sally Hansen Green Tea as my base colour and then applied two coats of Claire’s Shiver.
To create the chevrons, I laid down a base of Barry M White followed with a thin coat of Glisten and Glow HK Girl to make it dry quickly. Once that base was completely dry, I cut scotch tape in to thin chevron stripes using some craft scissors and applied them to my nails.
I painted over it all using W7 Black one nail at a time and quickly removed the tape while the black polish was still wet.
It’s all topped off with two coats of HK Girl to smooth everything over.