Valentine’s Day Mish Mash

This mani features a few of the designs from the nail wheel I posted at the start of the week. It’s been quite a while- since I used any of these techniques so it was a good chance for me to refresh my skills! 
This is my first shot with the new Barry M Silk polishes and I must say that I really like them. It seems that opinion is divided but I personally love how fresh they are and I’m a sucker for a Barry M innovation. It’s a kind of finish that I haven’t seen before – somewhere right in the middle of shimmer and matte – and the colours just scream out Spring to me.

I used Barry M Blossom and Pearl as the base colours for this manicure.
On my first finger, I created a gradient using Barry M Heather. Gradient tutorial here.
On my middle finger, I used striping tape with Barry M Gold, W7 Baby Pink and Sally Hansen Lovely Lilac. Striping tape tutorial here.
On my ring finger, I freehanded the roses using Revlon Bordeaux, W7 Baby Pink and White Acrylic Paint. Rose tutorial here.
On my thumb and pinky, I did some nimbus nail art using a bunch of colours that have already been mentioned here but most notably Revlon Bordeaux and W7 Baby Pink. Nimbus tutorial here.
It’s all topped off with a coat of Glisten and Glow HK Girl.