Kitty Cat

This last week or so I’ve been completely obsessing over these cutie-pie cat nail decals from Born Pretty Store. I bought a bunch of designs with my fingers crossed that they would be the super bendable and sticky decals that I like and that actually work on my nails so I’m very happy that they are! When they first showed up I was a bit disappointed that they were covered with a holographic sheen as this wasn’t very clear in the photos. Once I saw past the sheen and realised how easy they are to apply, I grew to love them and I’m about to go back and order pretty much every design on the website. Oh, and they glow in the dark!
I’m going through a bit of a dry spell with nail art at the moment which is a shame because I had a good blogging streak going. I need to snap out of the drought soon because I have The Lacquer Legion and Nailvengers both coming up this Friday. Better go now, I have some panicking to do!

For the gradient nails I used Revlon Cloudy as my base colour and created the gradient using Rimmel Aqua Cool. There’s a gradient tutorial here.
I topped the gradients with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust and finished with a coat of Glisten and Glow HK Girl.
For the kitty cat nail, I used a base coat of Barry M White first as the decals are not completely opaque. I had to trim down the decal so that the whole cat face would fit on my tiny nails and then just placed it on and smoothed it down with a finger, tucking the edges under my cuticles with a toothpick. You can buy the decals from