Freehand Nail Art Inspired by LucyDarlingPrints

On the spur of the moment today, I decided to go out and buy a Kobo. The older models (I got the Touch) are an absolute steal at the moment and I’ve been considering purchasing one for a while so it all worked out very well for me! I’ve spent the afternoon loading it up with books and I’m determined to get back in to the habit of bedtime reading. Before I went to University I never went to bed without a book but gradually the late nights and textbooks took over and before I knew it, I had completely given up reading for fun. This year I’m going to get back in to it starting with the Divergent trilogy and then catching up with A Song of Ice and Fire! Any good book recommendations are very appreciated!

Speaking of old habits, today’s nail art is a 100% freehand concoction – something not seen around here much recently. It was inspired by a print that I came across on Etsy by LucyDarlingPrints. You know me, I just can’t resist a pretty and simple design!

I started with a base of Barry M White and freehanded on all of the details using a nail art brush and a selection of nail polish colours.

To finish up, I topped it all off with two coats of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.