Sunday, 10 November 2013

Honeycomb Hands

I've been so bad at blogging this week and for that I apologise. I've had a strange couple of weeks where nothing much has happened but I've just been busy all the time! I'm actually starting a new job tomorrow which is very exciting but means that blog posts may still be scarce for a while. Although it's not always obvious, my regular posting schedule is Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and often with extra posts scattered in when I have the time so that's what I'm trying to get back to!

I created the nimbus nails with a selection of pinks including piCture pOlish Mad Magenta and W7 Baby Pink. Click here for a nimbus tutorial.

I'm also wearing Sally Hansen Green Tea and Barry M Prickly Pear.

The honeycomb pattern is a stamp from Bundle Monster Plate BM422 and I used BK Matt White.

It's all topped off with two coats of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.



  1. love the green even though I'm not into green but this combo looks fantastic. Congratulations on the new job :)

  2. What a cute combo ;-)
    I missed the nimbus tutorial but I've fixed it quickly! It's a nice effect, I've never tried it before!

  3. I so enjoy your blog! You give me so many different ideas. I hope the job goes well!

  4. I love the mint and purple together and that stamping is perfect!

  5. Nice stamping! That BK Matte White seems to be a good stamping polish..I'm looking for one so many I should get that.

  6. Congratulations and good luck on your new job !

  7. So beautiful! The colours are perfect together :)

  8. I'm really diggin the nimbus :) And congrats on the job! I should probably get a blogging schedule together too ♥

  9. This looks so cute -- I love the combination of pink and green, and the stamping looks great!


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