I’m currently going through a top coat conundrum! I get these quite a lot when I’ve dried up my supply of whatever my favourite top coat of the moment is – this time it’s No7 Stay Perfect. Normally it happens because said top coat is no longer available or no longer on offer/sale!
Most of the ones I have here are now a bit thick and they either leave loads of bubbles or make my mani shrink (exposing the very tips of the nails). In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I used the Color Club top coat which I got when I bought s collection of theirs from TK Maxx. At first it seemed like a great top coat: drying time was good and it was nice and glossy but when I woke up I had the dreaded sheet marks pressed in to my nails. I went to bed a whole 8 hours after I painted my nails! Now, that just won’t do.
So I have a question for you, one that I ask a lot. What is your favourite top coat? INM Out the Door and Seche Vite always seem to top this list but I want to know if there have been any new discoveries of late. Something (very) affordable and available in the UK would be ideal!

For today’s nail art I used Deborah Lippmann Fashion as my base colour with a coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails Fast Dry Top Sealer.
To create the colour blocking effect, I used Scotch Tape to mark off a ‘T’ shape on my nails. First with a thin strip straight down the middle, then one across the tip.
I painted on Sally Hansen Water Color over the top and immediately removed the tape. Once that was dry, I freehanded on the outlines using a nail art brush with Models Own Bubblegum.
I finished it off with Color Club Top Coat (because that’s all that was available!).