31DC2013 Day 15: Delicate Print

Today’s nail art is another labour of love inspired by the Mehndi patterns traditionally associated with Hindu weddings. I have a few charms from Hex Nail Jewelry to show you guys this month and each one of them has a completely different theme which inspires me in its own way. Today’s charm is Elephant No. 2 which is what brought about the eastern inspiration for this nail art. 
Elephants are actually my favourite animal ever! I was too young to remember but my Mum always tells me the story of when I got to feed apples to ‘Wendy the Elephant’ at Bristol Zoo in the early 90s when I was just a toddler. You were allowed to take your own apples in to the Zoo to feed her so we would always pick up a bag of ‘happles’, as my little brother would call them, on the way there!

I used Barry M Lychee as my base colour and freehanded on the Mehndi patterns using brown acrylic paint and a nail art brush.
For the accent finger I painted on NYC Midtown Mink and added a top coat. When it was dry, I attached the Hex Charm using a blob of clear nail polish. In the future I’ll probably attach the charms with nail glue because I didn’t feel 100% confident that the charm would stay on with just nail polish. I thought it was worth a go though!
Everything (except the charm) is top coated with Sally Hansen Dries Instantly.

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