Rosey Posey Pinstripe

Today is the first time in a very long while that I’ve decorated every nail with the same design and I have to be honest – I don’t like the feeling! As much as I love this nail art, I’m just itching to remove the polish from a couple of nails and add in a plain glitter accent or some simple studding!

1. I used a base of W7 White followed by a coat of No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat.
2. I used striping tape to mark off pinstripes and painted over it with W7 Black. While the black polish was still wet, I removed the striping tape.
3.  I waited for it to dry and added another coat of No7 Stay Perfect.
4. I freehanded the roses using a nail art brush with Barry M Blue Grape, Nails Inc. All Saints Road and NYC Raindrop. I used Saly Hansen Grass Slipper for the leaves. There’s a tutorial for the roses here.
5. Finally, it’s all topped off with another coat of No7 Stay Perfect!

And a few shots before the flowers because I was proud of my pinstripe!