White Space Take 2

Thanks to some stellar photography tips from the ladies at Very Emily and The Nail Polish Challenge, I finally feel like my photos are up to scratch so you’ll be pleased to hear that I won’t be moaning/apologising about it going forwards. Yesterday Kelli recommended that I try shooting in RAW format so I have a lot more control during the editing process and it’s changed my life! I feel so good about my photos right now!
Today’s nail art is very similar to the ‘White Space‘ look I did a few weeks back. I just loved it so much that I knew I’d have to try it again and here we are!

1. I used Barry M White as my base colour and then applied a coat of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly.
2. When it was completely dry, I used Scotch Tape to mark off a triangle at the base of each nail.
3. One nail at a time I created the Galaxy look using Barry M Blueberry, Collection 2000 Think Pink, NYC Lexington Yellow and Sally Hansen Dorian Grey with a coat of Calvin Klein Blue Wants to be a Millionaire over the top. The Calvin Klein holographic polish gives it that sparkly finish and does a good job of blending all the colours together.
There’s a galaxy tutorial here if you’re not familiar with the method.
4. Finally I finished it all off with two coats of Dries Instantly.