Call Me Crazy…

…but this is happening again! This will be the third year running that I’m embarking on the 31 Day Challenge and I’m incredibly nervous but excited at the same time! The challenge always pushes me to come up with original nail art ideas and I definitely feel like I need a boost as I’ve been lacking in inspiration lately. Although it can be tough at times when you’re struggling to find inspiration or enough hours in the day. But hey, they don’t call it a challenge for nothin’! 
If you want to see past years’ challenge manicures, you can click through the 2012 challenge here and the 2011 challenge is here
This year, I’m jumping on board with Sarah from Chalkboard Nails who called the nail art community to action this week! Sarah wrote a post with plenty of information and a few other images for you guys to grab on her blog here.
 I will be starting with Day 1 tomorrow, September 1st and posting every day until the challenge is over. At least if everything goes to plan! Who else is going to be taking the challenge?
Thanks to Chalkboard Nails for the lovely new graphics