Red Red Ruffian

This weekend has completely passed me by, I really can’t believe it’s already over! I’ve had a good balance of excitement and mundaneness. Think a Saturday night drinking with old friends and watching Iron Man 3 today vs. lots of cleaning and a nail polish cull! 
I reorganised my Helmer and picked out 37 bottles for recycling, or as I like to call it…. frankening fun! It was good to go through my stash and rediscover a lot of polishes that I’d kind of forgotten about. Every two minutes I’d be like, ‘Aaaah yes, I remember you!’. It made me realise I probably need to figure out a way to catalogue my ever growing collection. Call me crazy, but that job sounds like hella fun!

The two colours here are Barry M Lychee and Barry M Blood Orange. I painted on the red ruffians using a nail art brush and added some orange studs from Born Pretty Store. Finally I topped it all off with a coat of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly.