Thnks Fr Th Mmrs: Studded Nails

Sticking with the reminiscent theme this week I’ve recreated another mani from the archives. I can still remember the day I posted this mani first time round in great detail. Like, crazy amounts of tiny details! It was November 3rd, I was in the middle of the 31 Day challenge and I was behind schedule. I didn’t have a post ready for that day which was ‘Day 25: Inspired by Fashion‘ and I had plans for the day so I had to wake up super early and start scouring the web for inspiration. I came across a studded Michael Kors dress and the rest is history. You can see the original post here
What I thought was just another 31 Day Challenge post blew up bigger than I could have imagined, it just exploded! If people ask me whether I can pinpoint a particular moment when my blog went to ‘the next level’, I tell them it was this manicure on November 3rd 2011. I guess it was something that a lot of people hadn’t ever seen before and that’s what made it special and worth sharing. It was even shared on Michael Kors’ official Facebook and Twitter a few days later. I was crying tears of joy and disbelief at that point. Studded nails… thanks for the memories!
To this day, it remains the second most viewed post on my blog (after the gradient tutorial). Were any of you guys reading way back when I posted this in 2011?

 I was rocking the longer nails back then. I loved them at the time but nowadays I wear my shorties like a badge of honour! I’ve gone for less studs and a slightly different arrangement but I think the rock chick vibe still comes across. I used the same base colour, W7 Black, although this is a different bottle. I get through black nail polish like it’s going out of fashion and I always end up repurchasing the W7.

In the original photo I used a top coat over the studs and amazingly, the colour stayed on the studs! This time around, I skipped the top coat before the pictures because I was scared of the gold colour running and I was right to do so. When I applied a top coat after the pictures, the studs turned silver.

If you’re gonna try studs, I’d recommend the ones from Viva La Nails. They’re the only ones I’ve ever used that don’t lose their colour with a top coat.