Feeling Like A Sir

This week I found a gem of a bargain when I was in Asda. Don’t judge me when I tell you I buy clothes and jewellery from there on a regular basis! I was browsing the girls jewellery, as you do, and I spotted a little packet of moustaches. There was no indication on the packaging as to what they were but using my detective skills I quickly deduced that they were in fact, as I had immediately suspected, nail decals! Hidden away amongst the pink clip in hair streaks and plastic tiaras!
They were a complete steal at £1.50 for 48 stickers and they’re absolutely great. They’re kind of foamy and the adhesive layer is really thin so they’re easy to handle and stick to the nails really well. The first time I wore them, I used a top coat and they were unmovable. This time around I didn’t and the sticker slid off after about 12 hours of wear so go for a top coat if you’re going to try them yourself. 
The smallest design, the curly one, immediately made me think of the ‘Feel Like A Sir‘ meme so of course I had to put it on my nails!

I used Sally Hansen Dorian Grey and A-England Guinevere as my base colours with a coat of WellNails Rock In The New Year on my thumb. The Mo’ decal is, as previously stated, from Asda and I painted on the Sir using a nail art brush and acrylic paint.
Everything is topped with a coat of No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat except for the sticker, I put that on after the top coat.