Holy Nail Art, Batman!

I started playing Arkham Asylum months and months ago but then stopped making time to play it. Things just got crazy busy with work and I spend nearly all my free time nowadays on this blog! Well I woke up on this fine Sunday with a couple of hours to spare and decided to give it another crack. I definitely need to put a bit more time in and complete it! 
I’ve done Batman nails before but these are distinctly more Dark Knight themed. I love Dorian Gray, it’s an incredible polish – like a gun metal grey/black. If you like your black polishes like me, check out A-England’s Gothic Beauties,

I used A-England Lancelot as my base and A-England Dorian Gray with a nail art brush to draw on the bat. I created the gradients on my thumb and pinky using the same two polishes following this tutorial.
It’s all topped off with two coats of Sally Hansen Insta Dri.