Cotton Candy Gradient

I’m so so proud of myself today! This is the smoothest gradient I’ve ever done and possibly my favourite colour combo too. I’m going to chock it up to the perfect polishes which are both smooth but kind of watery two coaters – perfect for gradienting!

I used NYC Lavender Cupcake as my base coat and created the gradient using Barry M Gelly Blueberry following this tutorial. Then I coated it with one coat of  Seche Vite.
For the striped finger I applied a few strips of striping tape straight from cuticle to tip using some nail art tweezers, then painted over them with W7 Black and quickly removed the strips.
The glitter on my accent finger is La Femme Purple Glitter. La Femme make some interesting polishes but unfortunately the names aren’t quite as creative! This one’s is a vibrant purple jelly base packed with tiny purple and blue squares and only took two coats for full coverage. I found this in my local What! store. They don’t have a website but they’re scattered all over the country and they’re one of those shops that you have to just stumble across unless Google Local has one listed near you!